Pretty Sissy Academy

School for men in search of their feminine side.

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1: Back to the Game

PSA is accepting new students. Did you miss us?

We were pretty busy in the past few months. None of the Mistresses in the Academy could devote as much time as was needed to train and guide our girls to be, and we don't do things sloppily.

But life without subs is a life without joy. So, Mistress Lovelene decided to come back as Academy's Mistress.

Why is it worth joining us?

  • You will be turned into a pretty girl or a seductive woman. We’ll teach you how to do your make-up, help you pick an outfit, wear heels and walk like a woman. No matter how experienced you are, what’s your age, etc.- after our training you’ll be able to go out as a girl and be unrecognizable.
  • Well teach you how to explore your other side safely and anonymously- you’ll learn how to recognize scams and not out yourself (unless you want to ;))
  • We’ll help you build your social media presence as a sissy so you can draw attention and show the world your new pretty you, without outing yourself and putting your private life at risk.
  • We’ll help you with dating as a sissy and finding IRL relationships/hookups/whatever you’re looking for.

How to become a student?

Simply head over to our Patreon and choose one of the tiers available.

Don't wait too long, we only accept a few subs at a time!