Mistress' announcements


2 Days before the wedding

An exciting day was upon Thuy, who is getting married to the love of his life, Bethannie. They met back in college and clicked every since. Bethannie has a kink side that Thuy loves. Thuy also has a kink side but never reveled it to anyone, including Bethannie. The two were going to meet this evening to go over final preparation. His phone went off, excited to hear from Bethannie. The name came up as a number but proceeds to read it.

“Hey Thuy! or is it Thuy? Jajaja. Don’t you think you can slide the marriage by me and not invite me. We had a very lovely time together, remember? Anyways, lets meet up. I want to give you something as a newly wed gift. Are you available tonight?”

An Mistress from a while back flashes through his mind. He knew it was Ashley because of the Jajaja.

Thuy reply “I’m not free tonight, can we meet right now?” then threw the phone on his bed. A chime came through and read “ok, meet me at my place NOW! I still live in the same house.” He replied, “I’ll see you in 20 mins.” She doesn’t live far. It’s the stop and go traffic that makes the drive long. Hopping in his car, hoping this would be a quick visit then back to his planning. He arrived to Ashley’s home. She’s done some remodeling. He rang the doorbell and Ashley answered. “Hey ya there Thuy, come in.” Little did he know that Ashley placed extra security at her place for safety precaution. A magnetic door lock click and Thuy jumped. “Don’t worry Thuy, I’m not going to keep you here long. I just don’t want people breaking into my home if they did get through the deadbolt.” Thuy was still on edge. “Anyways, I’m happy for you that you’re getting married. I just wished it was me. We could of had a lot of fun. How have you been, Thuy?” “Good, and you Ashley?” Thuy replied. “That’s still Mistress to you, hun, jajaja.” Thuy replied back. “I don’t have time for this, what is it you want?” “To give you my gift, but you’ll promise that you’ll use it in the allotted time.” “Time? What do you mean?” Thuy questioned the gift. “Open it hun, you’ll see.” Thuy opens the gifts. They were all pictures of him, bounded as a sissy, licking her pussy. He read the note. “You seriously think, I wouldn’t find out about your wedding, huh Thuy! I have my sources. Now if you don’t do what I ask of you in this note, these photos will go live and to whoever I found in my search, including Bethannie. Now, I want you to strip. There is another box in the guest bedroom with your name on it. I want you to put on whatever is in that box. Understood. If you do this, I won’t blackmail you or release any of these photos. I just want one last session with you as a single person. Much love, Mistress.” Thuy eyes widen, Ashley smile grew devilish. “What will it be Thuy?” Thuy has no choice but to do as the note said. Thuy slowly stripped in front of Ashley and walked into the guest bedroom. He finds the box on the bed and quickly opens it to find a chastity cage, a collar, leash, a pair of wrist cuffs, a pair of ankle cuffs, blindfolds, a 2.5” ball gag, lube and a note. He read the note “There is a chair in front of the windows. I want you to put all of this on, lube up and insert the dildo attached to the chair in your ass, cuff your limbs to each part of the chair, blindfold and lastly cuff your hands to the rear back rest.”

As soon as Thuy secures himself to the chair, he felt it rotate. He heard the door shut and he felt cold fingers pinching his nipples. “You like this Thuy? I have been wanting to do this for a while now but you have been avoiding me? Why answer my text now?” Ashley then placed a Hitachi wand in front of his caged cock, then turns it on and push it against his cage. “Are you enjoying this Thuy?” Thuy admittedly nodding his head up and down. “Yes, mistress” as he try to get the words out of his mouth. “How long should I keep you like this? All day?” Thuy shook his head no. “Until you meet up with Bethannie?” Thuy shook his head no. “Well how long?” Thuy tried to reply “now” but Ashley mistake it for 1 hour. “1 hour! That’s not long enough hun but ok.” Thuy tries to struggle out of his bonds. He hear clicks from a camera and he panicked. “What was that?” as he mummered. “Let me go!” “Let me go? Are you defining your mistress!” said Ashley. “You’re not my Mistress!” said Thuy. Ashley turned up the vibrator to high. “I see you’re about to cum all over my chair, that will cost you additional time.” Thuy struggle not to cum but he was enjoying himself too much. He came all over Mistress’s toys. “Awww, Thuy you came. That’s another 30 mins on the clock. I also have something else for you.” Ashley produced a pair of nipple clamps, twisted Thuy’ nipples and attach the clamps to them. Thuy screams in agony. “You bitch!” Ashley didn’t like that language and tugged on the clamps. Thuy heard his phone dinged. Ashley picked up his phone. “It’s from Bethannieaaaa. ‘She is asking what time should I come over this evening? Well lets see, if you behave and not cum anymore, which I know you will, I’m saying 5 o’clock. It’s only 11am. We have a long way to go hun. I’ll let her know 6.” Ashley texted her 6. “You should really put a screen lock on your phone, dear. We have 6 hours to play. Hopefully the hour I let you go will make those gag lines disappear.” as Ashley grin widely. More camera clicks and mins felt like hours for Thuy. Ashley decided to take his blindfold off and as he adjusted his eyes to the newfound brightness, he was mortified that his chair rotated to directly in front of her window. He was giving a show! He tired to turn the chair around but it was no good. Ashley see his cock twitching from excitement. “Isn’t this fun? But our time together is almost over. I really enjoyed this gift you gave me.” Ashley removed the cuffs and told Thuy he has 5 mins to clean up and get out. Ashley left without saying a word. Thuy finished cleaning up and getting dressed, trying to find where Ashley went. He couldn’t find her so he left to go see his future wife.

A day before the wedding

Thuy didn’t really think much of what happened yesterday. He texted Ashley but no response. “Maybe that’s all she wanted.” Thinking to himself. Thuy’s mind wander throughout the day thinking about Ashley and the session. He checked his phone again, nothing. Hours went by and nothing. By midnight, he received a text from Ashley. “I really do miss you Thuy, but I’m not going to interfere with your new life after yesterday. I just wanted to have some fun with you before you get ‘tied down.’ I’ll cherish these photos that I have of you. Wish you and your wife well.”

Thuy was sadden that he didn’t trust her. He sent a big hug emoji and told her that he enjoyed his gift. Little did Thuy knows that Ashley was hatching up a big surprise.

The big day

Thuy was getting nervous in his changing room. Knock knock knock from the door “Jack! If you did bring…” The door opened and it was Ashley. “Ashley!” exclaim Thuy. “Mistress Ashley hun! Said Ashley. “What are you doing here? How did you find me?!” from a confused Thuy. He’s heart and mind were racing.” Sources Thuy. I have my sources. Anyways, you didn’t think I was going to let you go without stings attached?” with stern voice from Ashley. “What strings attached?” said Thuy. “I never said I was going to let you go. You’re still mine. Remember the contract you signed? You hurriedly sign it without reading everything. There is a clause about you getting married. I still own you huh. You even initial the box. Sooo, I bought another gift for you. Strip!” from a demanding Mistress. “No!” yelled Thuy. “I beg you pardon? Remember those clicks? I even have video from yesterday. You said something pretty interesting. Should I play it back? ‘Yes, Mistress, I’m your sissy, please do me as you please. You have complete control of my body, mind and soul.’ Remember this? I stopped the torture after you said this and I have it on tape! So strip or else I’m leaking these pictures and footage.” Thuy has no choice but to comply. Thuy was nude in this room with his Mistress. “Good girl. Now I want you to put this cage on, I’ll lock it and hold the keys.” After Thuy puts the cage on, Mistress locked up his cock. “Now put on this fancy diamond butt plug.” Thuy said “it’s too big.” “Stop whining Thuy and shove it in.” Thuy struggled to put the plug in and yelped a bit. “Good Girl! Now write ‘Property of Mistress T.’ above your caged cock. I want your wife in a few hours to know it belongs to me.” “Good girl. Still submissive to me.” Ashley placed a chair a few feet away from the door. “Now have a seat and put these on.” Ashley pulled out a garter belt, thigh high hosiery, white heals and a pair of lacey undergarment. “Good girl, you should be the bride in your wedding.” Thuy was humiliated. Ashley pull out 4 black ties and proceed to tying his ankles to each legs of the chair and his wrist to each side of the chair. She pulled out a camera and took some pictures. “Well hun, it’s time for me to go. Bye, jajaja.” Thuy tried to stop her. “Wait, are you leaving me like this? What if someone finds me like this.” Ashley stop and said, “you’re right.” She pulled out a white ballgag and stuff it in his mouth. “You’re now complete. I see that you’re already leaking precum. Have fun!” She left the room. Thuy struggled again his bind. Knock knock knock. Thuy stayed quiet but the door slowly opens. He hopes it’s Ashley but it was not. It was the Maid of hounor and she was in shock and then showed an evil smile. “Viktoria? Let me go”. She closed the door behind her and examine me closely. “Well well well, Ashley sure did one hell of a job.” Thuy was shocked and confused as Ashley walked through the door. “We go back a few years now huh. Isabella was my lover I told you about.” Thuy was stunned. “It’s almost time for the wedding. We better untie him and have him get dressed.” Both ladies untied me and watched me get dressed. I try to clean off the body writing but Ashley tells me to leave it or else, same with my lingerie. “You’ll wear that bra but you won’t be wearing the panties.” Said Isabella. “But what if the plug…” Ashley cuts me off. “No buts hun. Listen to your Mistresses.” “Mistresses?” said Thuy. “Yes Mistresses. Isabella is a good friend of your wife. Isabella took some photos. She will be checking on you. Who knows, she may move in from what Bethannie has told her. And then I can come over and tease the hell out of you. Oh and someone has mention, it sounds like Bethannie has a submissive side.” “I never told you that!” yelled Thuy. “You didn’t tell me, her BFF did. We can cuckqueen her too. If you do as we say, noone will be humiliated outside of our circle.” He has no choice but to do as they say. “Hurry up sissy!” from an impatient Isabella. “You’re going to be late to your own wedding. Also act normal or else!” The door slams shut and I was pankicing about what I got myself into and now Bethannie. Thuy quickly got dressed and rushed to the alter.

Thuy tried to act normal but could not shake this feeling off. He feels awful that his soon to be wife will be dragged into all this.

The wedding went without a hitch and now their new life has begun. Isabella came up to us both to congratulate and to ask if Ashley can come along in the limo. “No, we don’t have room for everyone.” Thuy said, but Bethannie said “Sure, it’ll be tight but she can come along.” Thuy gave his new bride the look. Everyone cram into the limo and enjoyed themselve.

At the reception, everyone was mingling and having fun. Thuy forgot about this cage until Ashley bumped into him and “accidently” grab her property. “Don’t forget, mine.” and she continued mingling.

The night came to an end. The newly wed rented out rooms for the bridemaid and groomsmen. Some last min changes made by Vitkoria puts us on the other side of the hotel

Unknowning to both Thuy and Bethannie, they both are going to live a very different life than they plan out.

Honeymoon phase

Everyone was passed out except for the newlywed. Ashley has a room next door and Isabella has a room next to us, both with doors leading up to the newlywed room. As with any newlywed, they want to have sex but Thuy didn’t want to strip in front of her. Not with what he has on. But Bethannie wasn’t going to have it and chase him around the room and tackled him. His breathe was taken out of him and she rips off his shirt just to find a bralett.

“What’s this?” said Bethannie. She proceeded to taking his pants off. “Thuy? What is all this? Why are you in lingerie? What’s this contraption on your cock? And who the fuck is Ashley?” Thuy tried to explain to Bethannie the best that he could. “Ashley is that woman your invited in the limo and why am I wearing this, because she and your BFF forced me to wear this.” Bethannie didn’t believe a word that came out of Thuy’s mouth. “Isabella?” Bethannie laughed at that. “Maybe it is this Ashley person but not my Isabella! Tell me the truth!”

“That is the truth!” Then multiple dings are going off on Bethannie’s phone. Bethannie look changed from surprise to anger as she played back a video. “Yes, Mistress, I’m your sissy, please do me as you please. You have complete control of my body, mind and soul.” Thuy was mortified. Then the pictures started to come in. They were pictures from Isabella. “Thuy! Why would Isabella have these pictures of you? Was this from this morning?” Thuy tried to explain again but the ajoining doors opened and in comes Isabella and Ashley.

“I’m so sorry that you had to find out about his ‘issues’ like this hun, but you’re no better than yourself.” said Isabella. “What are you talking about?” said Bethannie. “Oh we know about your submissive deal.” said Isabella. “I still don’t know what you are talking about.” with a confused look on Bethannie’s face. Isabella pulled out a footage back from Bethannie’s days. “This was taken back in High school dear. I always had a thing for you but then you met Thuy. Anyways, remember the day we went to the cabin up in the woods and you had your own room? Well I had a hidden camera in there and well, I didn’t know that you like to do a bunch of degrading and humiliting things to yourself.”

Ashley yelled out “Lets start this party!” Ashley and Isabella pinned Bethannie down, sliding her dress off reveling her lacey lingerie and curvish figure. “My my, what do we have here.” said Isabella, “My god” said Ashley. “You did good Thuy.” Isabella contines to undress Bethannie leaving only her hosiery on. Isabella found Bethannie’s tiara and place it on. “I love a waxed pussy.” said Ashley. Both started to finger her clit. “She’s wet! Are you enjoying this?” said Isabella. Bethannie tried to protest. Ashley stuffed a ballgag in her mouth and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She and Isabella started to tied her wrist to each bed post. After her wrist were tied, Ashley placed a spreading bar on her ankles and held it down in place with her foot. “Your turn Isabella.” Isabella revel a chastity belt and started to secure her sex way from her. Bethannie struggle and skrim to keep here from putting on the belt but it was no use. She was overpower by her binds. A fews mins later, Bethannie was chaste. Her sex locked up. Tears stream onto her pretty face, mascare running down.

“Now you’re both locked and under our control.” Both girls let out an evil laugh. “Now Thuy, go have sex with her.” as Ashley laugher grew. Thuy was humping but his locked cock can even reach her locked pussy. “So humiliating.” said Isabella. Isabella also have something else for Bethannie. It’s a locking stock. Isabella loosen up the slack on her wrist. She slid have the stock behind her neck and wrist. Then she quick place the other half in front of her neck and wrist and pad lock it into place. Ashley then placed her heels back on. Both ladies helped the helpless women up. “Sit in that chair in the corner.” said Isabella. Both ladies slapped her butt cheeks and off she went. Slowly.

Ashley now order Thuy to the bed, securing each of his limbs to the corners of the bed. Ashley freed Thuy cock from it’s confinement and slowly stroke it until it became hard. Isabella hiked up her dress, remove her panties and sat on his face. “Now lick until I cum all over your face.” Ashley kept stroking. Thuy started to have contraction. Both replied, “Don’t you dare cum!” It was hard for Thuy not to cum.

Bethannie in the corner struggle to play with her helf as she see’s her man getting jerked and suffocating beneath her friend. “Enjoying the view Bethannie? We need to think of a new name for you. Both of you don’t deserve a name. Awww, are you trying to fondled your tits. Kinda hard with the stock in your way.” said Isabella.

Meanwhile, Thuy could not take it anymore and came without permission. Isabella was disappointed and put her full bodyweight making Thuy passout. “I guess the party is over. We’ll both go to bed now. Good night.” Said Ashley. Bethannie tried to talk but only muffled noise “waa bout thisk?” “Aww good nite to you too.” said Isabella. Both ladies left them in their predicament. Before Ashley left back to her room, she placed straps under her heels to her ankles so the heels would stay on her all night and for an extra kick, nipple clamps on Bethannie’s gorgeous globe. Bethannie muffled screams were not enough to wake up her husband. “Muahhh, good night slut.” as Ashley exit the room.

Bethannie struggle to get up from her chair. After multiple attempts she was up, carefully walking to her passout husband. The heels made it more diffcult for her to walk in along with the spreader bar in place. She was almost to the bed when she lost balance, slammed chest first into the bed, ripping one of the nipple clamps off her tits. She landed on her knees with part of her face buried in the side of the bed to muffled her scream. She has no way to get back on her feet. All she could do is fall flat, face first or try to fall on her back by twisting her hips. The later didn’t work as she fell on her side then face first. Now she was laying on flat on, her tits in pain from the one clip she still has on. The pain was so much she passout.

The day after

Thuy woke up from his suffocation about 3ish. Still bound to the bed but now with a ballgag stuff in his mouth. He looked around for his wife but could not find her. He thought to himself that the ladies took her to the other room but she was still laying flat in front of the bed. Thuy struggle with his binds to get free but it was no use. He also noticed that his cage was back one but not the same cage as before. It was smaller, metal and it looks like the key hole was not visible. Just thinking about his predicament that he an his wife is now in is making him hard and his cock was not able to fully get erected. After a few mins, it was useless. He wasn’t going to get free. He looked at the clock. It read 3:05 AM. “Only 5 mins?!” Thuy thought. He tried to keep his mind occupy so he can fall back asleep.

Bethannie also woke up around this time, wishing this was not a dream. This time much worse. There was a leather contraption around her head like a harness, still a ball gag in her mouth and now her lower part of her face was wrapped in bandage. She couldn’t produce any loud noises. Just soft muffled sound that sounds like background noise. She tried to make some noise with the point of her heels but found out that her spread out ankles were attached to the head harness with a stiff bar. She couldn’t move her head at all. She started to panic. Both clips were back on her tits. She was hyperventilating and soon passed out again.

7 AM arrived an Vitkoria and Ashley were up and getting ready for the day. Brunch with the wedding party starts at 8 AM. Both came up with an excuse on why the newlyweds couldn’t make it. Both headed downstair to get the tables ready. By 8 o’clock, the party arrived. They were seated and they all placed their orders. 30 mins have passed and they all received their dishes and party bags that Thuy and Bethannie made. “I hope everyone had fun last night and enjoy these lovely gifts that Thuy and Bethannie made.” said Isabella. One of the groomsmen asked “where are the couples?” Isabella replied “They continued on with their after party, if you know what I mean. They wanted to come have brunch with you guys but they were extremely exhausted.” They all chuckle, finished up, and slowly left.

After all was said and done, both went back up stairs. Both trying to figure out how to transport their new property. “We should buy some oversize luggage and place them in there.” said Isabella. “Great idea!” said Ashley. Both went into the newly weds room to find both of them awake and both of them struggling. “Be right back. We got to pick up a few packages. Now don’t go anywhere or make a peep.” said Ashley. “Oh, I know one of the room service staff here. I’ll make sure they tighty up the place a bit.” as Ashley walked out. She texted her friend Viktoria. “Hey Viktoria, Ashley here. Room 532, big surprise. Remember that Thuy person I talked about a while back? You can meet him in person. You don’t have to knock, just go on in. He won’t object.” Viktoria sent a quick message devil emoji. “Finally! I get to meet this person who you have an interest in.” Ashley read the message. “He’s not alone, he got married last night. His wife is there as well. Have fun with them for awhile. The key to his cock is on the nightstand next to the phone. We’ll be back in about 2 hours. Is that long enough?” Viktoria excitedly said “YES! :D” After her text with Viktoria, Ashley messaged some of her friends to start “remodeling” the newlyweds home.

Viktoria made her way up to room 532 and popped it open. “Room service.” said Viktoria. All she could hear are muffled noises coming from the bed. Thuy looked at her asking for help and signaling to get these cuffs off. She had to walk to Bethannie on the ground since she couldn’t turn her head. Bethannie’s pleading eyes said it all. “Well, well, well. Ashley and her friends really outdid themselves on this catch.” said Viktoria as she had a playful note. “I only have 2 hours to do what I want. Thuy or is it Thuy? Ashley talks a lot about you. She left the keys to her cock on the nightstand. I’ll get my way with you as well.” Viktoria grabs the keys, unlock his cock then proceeds to strip out of her uniform. “Like what you see?” as she directed that comment to Thuy and stares at Bethannie with an evil grin. “You know where this is going. I get to fuck your husband and you’re going to watch. Whatever seeds he spreads into me, I’ll dump on your face.” Viktoria stroke Thuy’s cock until it got nice and hard, then sat on his hard cock and started to go up and down, nice and slow. She picked up the pace and Viktoria’s breast was going up and down, hynoticing Bethannie. Bethannie was getting wet and she can feel it. Thuy was getting close to cum. Viktoria went fast and started contracting, making it pleasurable for Thuy. Thuy couldn’t take it anymore and came inside Viktoria. “Oh my god! That was explosive Thuy. Were you saving that up for last night?” Viktoria got up from Thuy, rubbed her pussy to mix in her juice, went down to Bethannie level and started cuming all over her face. “How does it feel now, that you can’t have your husband’s cum in you but on you?” Bethannie felt so humiliated and started to cry. Viktoria locked Thuy’s cock up, cleaned up and left.
A few hours have passed. No signs of Isabella or Ashley. Ashley text Viktoria “Sorry, taking a bit longer than expected. Could you check up on our stuff? You know the drill. Cuckquean the hell out of her. Also feed them. Maybe a protein shake or something.” Viktoria replied “My pleasure! I’m about to get off my shift. I can wait in the room until you come back.” “Sure” Ashley replied. A few moments later, Viktoria came back to the room with some treats. “Guess who is back to have some fun. Plus I bought protein drinks. I’m not as evil as those two, still have to treat our guest. Ladies first.” Viktoria when down to Bethannie level and remove the bandages and the massive ball gag. “Wow, one of those ladies must really like you to have a huge gag in your mouth.” Viktoria shaked up the protein drink, stuck a straw, massage Bethannie’s aching jaw and allowed her to drink. “Please help me. Let me go.” Said the soft spoken, exhausted woman. “Just you and not your husband?” said Viktoria. Bethannie nodded yes and continue her drink. “What’s in it for me?” said Viktoria. Bethannie finished her last glup, “Anything, money, jewels, my husband, whatever, just let me go.” Viktoria slapped Bethannie in the face. “I’ll let your jaws rest before I place this gag back in. I gotten tend to your husband and the only thing he is getting is his cum for lunch. I was going to give him this last protein drink but you sealed his special lunch item.” Viktoria went up to Thuy, unlocked his cage and started jacking him off. With a cup near by, Thuy exploded into it, producing a nice amount. Viktoria walked towards Bethannie, pass the cup underneath Bethannie’s nose, “Have a good wiff.” Now watch me put my own juice in it. Viktoria rubbed her pussy until she came into the cup. Gave it a good stir, gave Bethannie another wiff of the concoction before going back to Thuy. She took off his gag, straddle him under her and “Open wide.” Thuy did not comply. “So you want to play hard to get. Fine!” Viktoria pinch his nose shut. After a min Thuy was gasping for air. She slowly pours in the mixture. “Don’t spit all this out. We’ll do it again if we have to.” Thuy was gaging and chocking but most of the mixture went down. “Good sissy. Just like the good old days with Ashley.” Viktoria put her panty back on and rubbed her pussy until she came in it. “I was going to find your wife’s panties and cum in those but Ashley or Isabella must have hid it or thrown it away. Open wide.” A quick pinch and Thuy screamed. Viktoria pushed the cum soak panties in his mouth then gagged him. “A small gift from me to you.” She went back to Bethannie, gave her nipple clamps a tightening and stuff the overside gag back into her. “I’m not going to place the bandage back on. I think the gag was good enough.” Viktoria made herself at home, snuggling against Thuy and playing with his cock. Just enough to edge him endlessly. “I should lock this back up.” Viktoria replied. Thuy was pleading with his eyes. “Do you want to cum, Sissy?” Thuy nodded his head. Viktoria gently stoke until he was about to cum, then locked it away. “You’re not here for your own pleasure. You’re suppose to please your wife, which you can’t even do either.” Viktoria with the sturn voice.

The hotel door opened and surprise. Ashley and Isabella were back with two big luggages. “What took you so long?” said Viktoria. “The house was not ready. It took longer than expected. How were they?” Said Ashley. “They were great!” said Viktoria. “Would you help load them in these suitcases?” said Isabella. “Sure, but why don’t you want to use the luggage cart?” Said Viktoria. “We did want to disturb your guest and get you in trouble.” Ashley replied. “No trouble at all. We have rain covers for the carts. Pitch black on the inside and you won’t have to undo all their restraints. Well, maybe undo the spreader bar. Can it shorten? We can also take the private elevators down” Viktoria suggested. “Yes it can! Lets do this. We don’t have to take the private elevator. We need some excitement and besides, we parked a bit far and it’s getting dark” Ashley cheerfully replied. “Ok, I’ll bring a cart.” said Viktoria. “One cart?” question Isabella. Viktoria replied. “Yep, wide base, double decker. You shouldn’t have any issues with it tipping over.” Viktoria left the room to grab the cart. Ashley walked up to Bethannie, shorten the spreader bar, removed the bar from her head to the spread bar, shorten it, bend her knees and attached the shorten bar, effectively puting Bethannie in a hogtied position. “How are we going to do Thuy?” said Isabella. Ashley pulled out a bottle of chloroform. “This.” Ashley grabbed a towel and lace it with chloroform. “Night night Thuy.” as she covers his face until he passed out. Both ladies worked quickly to retie him into a hogtie. Viktoria was back with the cart and cover. “Sorry, took a while. Client took forever with it.” The ladies loaded Bethannie on the top rack and to be sure she wouldn’t fall over, secured the head harness to the top bar of the cart, and the same for her ankles. Thuy was one the bottom. Same setup as Bethannie. The raincover went on. “Oooh. There are clear windows behind these velco covers! Lets have a bit of fun.” Said Ashley. Bethannie was mortify when it gotten brighter. “Only the top part?” said Isabella. “Sometimes we do carry pets on here but lets undo them outside the building. We don’t want to get caught by our cameras. We can keep the front visor off so Baraba can try to plead for help.” as Viktoria laughed.

They made their way down to the first floor. The lobby was louder than usual. Just another newlywed checking in. Bethannie tried to plead for help, batting her eyes and scream. But noone can hear her or see her. They made their way outside. “Windows covers off!” yelled Viktoria. All the covers were off and Bethannie was completely exposed. Her hogtied form for the passbyers to see. A few of them did and stop by to take a closer look. “Awww, what do we have here.” said the tipsy lady. Isabella replied “Just a newly wed fulfilling their pre honeymoon checklist. They said it helps them have great sex.” Bethannie protest. “She is fiesty. Where is her husband?” asked the man. Viktoria reveled what was below. “Wow. I’m getting turned on by this. Wish we did this on our honeymoon.” said the woman. Ashley laughed “It’s the new thing apparently. Boring couples, no offense, you couples look fun, are finding ways to spice up their sex life. These two wanted to give it a try.” “Are you one of those folks who ties people up, what do they call them, dommatix?” said the man. “Not me or Viktoria. Just Ashley, we hired her for the two nights. It was a gift from me to them and a very pricey one.” said Isabella. “We should try this out one day hun.” said the women. The man smiled and said “Maybe one day dear. Do you have a business card Ashley?” “I do. Let me grab one from my purse.” said Ashley. “May we take a few pixs?” said the lady. “Be my guest.” said Isabella. The lady took a lot of photos. Up close and from a few feet away. Her face, her caged pussy, and her nice tits. Viktoria slight lifed Bethannie’s torso to expose the nipple clams and she took a photo of those as well. The lady tap the clamps and Bethannie wrenched. “They look like they hurt.” ask the lady. “They do but subside after a while.” said Ashley. The lady also took photos of the husband and his locked cock. “Wow, I didn’t know this cock cage is a thing. May we pose with them?” said the lady. “Sure” said Isabella. She took the ladies phone and snapped a shot with Bethannie’s face and the lady next to her. “There you go, my dear.” Said Isabella. “Thanks again” said the couple and they went on their way. Other people walked by giving thumbs of approval or disgusted by this and Bethannie could not do anything or go anywhere to hide. They finally made it to their car after talking to a couple more curious people. “How are we going to do this?” said Isabella. “I know, throw your brother in law in the 3rd row, he’s passed out anyways to not get humiliated.” said Ashley. Viktoria and Isabella, lifted the lifeless body into the 3rd row. “As far as Bethannie, still need to think of new names for them, get her down, undo the bar from her head to her ankles and have her sit in the middle row. Then we’ll spread her legs wide and secure them to the front row oh shit handles. Then remove her chaste and rolls the windows down.” Both ladies love the idea. “Maybe she can cum from the wind blasting through the car.” said Viktoria. “I think she will, she is already wet and she has been teased a lot. Worse case, she’s just going to get edged.” said Ashley. With everyone secured, Ashley and Isabella drove to the newlywed’s remodeled home. Viktoria said she will catch up another day.

Ashley took the long way home. Hitting every stop light, passing by every lifted truck. A few honks here and there. A lot of flashes from a long stop light. Bethannie was so humiliated beyond belief. The tears were non stop. Her clit soaking wet and running. Ashley had to stop to get gas and left the windows opened. A few people stop by to take a peek. Some even groped her tits and squeeze the clamps harder. Some even fingered her. “Don’t make her cum guys and gals. She is only allowed to edge. If you do make her cum, You’ll end up like the guy in the 3rd row.” Isabella opened the tailgate to show the consequences. Thuy was wide awake mummering for help. The guys withdrew not wanting the safe faith. Some laughed at his lock cock. Isabella went back to focus on Bethannie. A few made her edge. Alot of them took pictures. Bethannie screams and tried to hide her face but the flash and people were on both sides. Ashley, finished filling up her car, Isabella, shut the tailgate, “show’s over” and continued home. It was already past 1 am when they arrived home. Feeling tired, both ladies left them to be. Bethannie was too tired to fight and soon fell asleep. Thuy struggled a bit more until he was exhausted.

Welcome To your new home

It was 8 am. Both Ashley and Isabella were excited to show “their” new home to Bethannie and Thuy. Both walked out to the garage. Ashley splashed a bucket of cold water on Bethannie. Bethannie choked a bit. “I hope you didn’t make a mess in my car last night hun.” said Ashley. Isabella opened the tailgate and grabbed Thuy’s cock and balls with her sharp nails. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh. You fish!” came out of his mouth. “Welcome home!” said Isabella. The garage door was open for the world to see them. Isabella found a furniture dolley and placed Thuy on it. She went to help Ashley with Bethannie’s secured ankles and slid her out. Thuy was pushed into this house. Bethannie, still dripping wet, zig zag into the house.

“We did some remodeling to your..errr…I mean our house now.” said Ashley. “Nothing really noticeable in the kitchen or living area. That has to remain plain Jane for guest but there are some notable addition, like every entry way or exit has these sensors used for dog training. Pass it and you get zapped.” said Ashley. “Shall we give a demo?” said Isabella. “Yea, lets do that, but first we need to put on their new collar.” said Ashley. Ashley pulled out 4 collars, 2 narrow ones and 2 poster collars. One says Sissy and one says Ms. Slut. Ashley placed the narrow sissy collar on Thuy and pad lock it. Isabella, place Ms. Slut on Bethannie. Right below her stock. Ashley started to push Thuy to the entry door. Thuy tries to fall out of the dolley but Ashley started to push faster and faster until zap! “Does that hurt sissy?” Thuy nodded yes. “So that’s what happens if you try to leave. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh way, you don’t have say.” as Ashley laughed.
“Now onward to the Master bedroom.” said Isabella. As they made their way into the master bedroom, Bethannie and Thuy noticed that all their belongs are gone. It was replaced with a different bed, funitures, wall decors, everything. Quick tour of the bathroom revels that all their clothing were gone. “How do you like our new Master bedroom? We had to replace everything. It didn’t match our taste.” said Ashley. “However you do have nice taste in lingerie Ms. Slut. We kept those aside for when we need them. Maybe tonight. Let’s head upstairs. You’ll have one hell of a time getting up stairs with the spreader bar.” Isabella strapped on a very high heels stilettos. “You’ll have to learn how to walk in these, my dear.” Ashley, unhogged Thuy and to prevent him from fighting back, activated the collar. “I can remotely control this collar from this remote. Don’t you dare fight.” Ashley pressed a button and Thuy collapsed. “That’s the highest setting. Don’t make any wrong moves. I can also adjust the duration to 5 seconds. Do you want to try?” Thuy shook his head no. “Good sissy, now lets both go up. Oh and the downstair’s guest room didn’t change. No need to see that room. Whatever decor you had stayed. We were on a budget.”

The house has 3 additional bedroom and a office room. To the far left, room #1 became a timeout room like ones that you see in a mental hosptial room. All the walls padded, the locks replaced and inversed where the key hole is inside the room. The door was also replaced with solid wood. The windows were blacked out and barricaded from the inside, so you can punch the windows out. It would be useless since there is a straitjacket. The ceiling fan was removed and replace with a single bulb. Also eye hooks were attached in different part of the ceiling. The carpet were removed and screw holes were attached in varies parts of the floor. In the corner was a evil looking chair. On that has restraints built into it.

The office sits in between room #1 and #2. Room #2 was a bit spacious. All the furnitures were replaced with things you find in a dungeon. A bit X cross on one side of the room, two heavy duty cage on the other side of the room and a standing confinement cage in one corner facing towards the window. Room #3 has a bed with a simple 4 post frame, a chair in one corner, and the same confinement cage in another corner.

“You maybe wondering about your clothes and what we did with them. Don’t worry. We kept them in the closet in the office room. It was hard to fit all of Bethannie’s clothes in but they are in there. With that being said, you two are no longer to wear clothing in this house unless we have guest or if we’re about to head out. You will continue to do your daily jobs and yes, you can wear your professional attire when you have to go to work. WFH, top only. No pants, skirts, under garment, nothing. And speaking of work, don’t try to signal for help. If you do, you’ll suffer the consequences. All these pictures will go live on the web, to your friends and family, to your coworkers. We do have all the passwords to your accounts, so we will be monitoring them. We do have some of our friends that do work in your company as well. Don’t ask. They’ll keep an eye on you as well. As a matter of fact, we already sent those pictures to them.” Ashley gave them a warning. Both Ms. Slut and sissy can’t beleive what they are hearing. They have spys in their work place monitoring them.

“Oh Ms. Slut, we forgot to put your belt back on. How dare you not remind us!” Ashley slapped Ms. Slut’s tits. Bethannie screams in pain. Ashley grab a lead from Room #2, attached it to Ms. Slut’s collar and dragged her to Room #1 where she will be spending the night. Sissy try to be a hero was met with a zap from the collar. “Down little girl” Isabella from behind. “I also have a remote.” Ashley placed wrist cuffs on Ms. Slut’s wrist, attached carabiners with chains going up towards each eyehooks in the ceiling. She removed the stock that kept her in place for almost 2 days. Ashley then activated a remote that started hoisting here a few inches off the ground. She remove her heels, replace them with a spreader bar. As soon as Ashley was satisfied, she lowered Bethannie just enough where she is on her tippy toes. Ashley dims the lights as she left the room. Just enough to set the mood. Bethannie heard the door lock. She is left hanging in the middle of the room. A voice played in the room. “If you’re screaming slut, I can’t hear you, and you forgot to remind me to put your belt on. I was going to leave you there for an hour but I think until next morning will suffice.” said Ashley.

“Now sissy, if you want to be a good little girl, you’ll do as I say. I’ll take of the gag if you promise.” Thuy nodded yes. Ashley removed his gag. “Yes Mistress Ashley.” said Thuy. “Good girl. Does that make your horny when I say good girl?” Thuy replied “Yes Mistress, I’m a good girl.” Ashley was happy to hear. “Good girl, don’t be like Ms. Slut. We’ll eventually break her. You’re going to help us.” “How Mistress?” said Thuy. Ashley explains “I’ll let you two sleep together, no sex. That’s off the table. This is my cock and Ms. Slut’s pussy is mine. I want you to comfort her and tell her everything will be fine and that this new life will be fun. I want you to put her chastity belt on.” “Yes Mistress, I will try.” said Thuy. “Not what I want to hear. You won’t try, You WILL.” said Ashley. “Yes Mistress, I will.” “Good girl, I confined her to Room #1 ‘til morning. Now clean my car. Ms. Slut made a mess.” said Ashley. “Yes Mistress.” said Thuy. Thuy tried to head to the closet to get dress but Ashley zap him and gave him a stern look. “No clothes, in this house, Sissy.” Thuy walked downstairs nude to the garage. “I’ve turned off the electric fence. You can walk through.” Thuy walked through. At least the garage door is closed thinking to himself but he was wrong. The garage opened. “Enjoy cleaning!” as Isabella stared.

Thuy spent a fews hours cleaning the car up. It was past lunch time as Ashley inspected the car. “Nice work Sissy. Would you like a reward for your hard work?” Thuy nodded yes. Maybe I can get out of this cage, he thinks to himself. “I’m going to place the gag back in. You’ll have to draw from the hat and do what you’re told.There are 20 different things. I hope you pick out something good.” as Ashley placed a bowl in front of him. Thuy shuffled the paper in the bowl, wishing he can get out of this cage. Thuy picked one and handled it to Mistress. “Oh, very good Sissy! I think you will enjoy this. “Whip Ms. Slut 10 times on each ass cheek and increase her confinement time to 2 days!” Thuy was not believing this as Ashley handed her the piece of paper. “You’re gonna have to do this Sissy. You don’t want me doing this as I will double this. And don’t go easy either. I’ll walk up to the dungeon room with you and you can pick out the whip.” Thuy slowly walk up the stairs and into Room #2. He selected the only whip/flogg on the table and slowly walk to room #1. “Go on sissy, do as you’re told.” said Ashley. Thuy unlocks the door to see his helpless wife. Bethannie looked up and saw what he has in his hands. Bethannie mummer, “hiss? Wat his gooing ah?” Thuy walked towards the hanging wife and looked at Mistress as she locks the door. “I wam sorrry.” as he whisper into her ears. 10 hard flocks on each ass cheeks for a total of 20. Bethannie was crying for him to stop, as Thuy hits each time. Thuy also whisper into her ears, “addwition tie addwed. Too dahs.” Bethannie was frantically trying to get out of her restraint as Thuy walks out the room. Thuy walked downstairs to see the whole event replayed.

“Good job Sissy. Now for your really reward!” Said Ashley. “Reaaal rearwaad?” said Thuy. “Yes real, The one before was just a task to see if you would follow through and you did.” said Isabella. “Now who do you want to fuck first? No wrong answer. You’ll fuck both anyways.” Thuy didn’t know if this is a trick question and if he was getting setup. “We’ll who will it be Thuy. No ones feelings we’ll be hurt.” Ashley said. “Isabella, Mistress.” said Thuy. “Great, now follow me.” Said Isabella. Vikotria, grab Thuy’s hands and led him to room #3, where she closed the doors. “Now listen Thuy, I’m undercover to exposed Ashley and I need your help.” Thuy looks concerned. “If we hurry this up, we can get Bethannie out.” Thuy agrees. “You’re still gonna have to fuck me. I have your cage keys and we’ll have to do this in room #1. I can quickly tap in to the live feed and we can get her down. Here are the keys to her restraints. Now lets go.” Thuy went along acting out his role. They enter into room #1 with the batter and abused wife. Isabella started to strip and she was wearing one of Bethannie’s lingerie. She started to unlock his cock, stoke it til it became hard, bend over and have Thuy fuck her in front of his wife. Bethannie started cursing them out. Thuy felt really bad and stopped “Keep going sissy! Now!” Thuy only though is to save his wife and continues to fuck Isabella. Isabella kept moaning, asking for more. “More sissy, more! I want you to cum and make me pregnant! That’s right Ms. Slut, I had a secret admired with Thuy and a thing for you as well and now I have both. Now you get to watch him pound me and you can’t do anything about it. I tricked your husband thinking this was a rescue mission and that I was undercover to exposed Ashley. Now fuck me Sissy or I’ll add time to Ms. Slut’s lock up time. She already +2. Want another +2. Almost coming up to a week now. Now FUCK me like you mean it!” Scream Isabella. Isabella held up his shock collar remote and zapped him. “We’re not going to stop until you cum in me.” Said Isabella. Thuy had no choice but to remain faithful to his wife. Isabella was very angry that he stopped and shocked Thuy until he was barely unconscious in front of Bethannie. “We could have been a great couple, Thuy! Now you’re with this slut. You could have had this on off play thing, now you’re living it til death do us part. Oh Ms. Slut, and +7. Keeping you like this for 1.5 weeks, Ms. Slut, all because your husband couldn’t fuck me just to be faithful to you. My reward to him was to let you out of these restraints early if he came in me. Now Ashley will do the same but your faithful husband is laying unconscious. She’ll probably just add more time to your restraints. You two have a talk.” Isabella slams the door shut and lock them both in. Ashley came over the speakers, “+1 week. That’s quite a sentence you have Ms. Slut. We’ll come to take sissy away in the morning. Enjoy your time together. Oh, if he decides to take advantage and make you cum, I think you’ll know.”

Day 4

Thuy came around. Bethannie started cussing “ohhh fuckin idoit. Ohhh dit his. Ohhh addit thyme tooth my seedance. Waat did ooohh ough think aough meee? Dot yaaa say daa eightold shit!” Thuy had nothing to say. He though he was going the right thing. “I wam sorrie.” said Thuy. Bethannie remained silent. The door opened blinding Bethannie and Thuy. Isabella secured a chastity belt on Bethannie while Ashley dragged Thuy out of the room. This was the start of Bethannie’s 2.5 weeks of isolation.

“Now for your punishment Sissy. I know you will miss your wife so we’ll have you do this. You’ll dress up in Ms. Slut’s wedding dress, makeup and all. Lingerie and all. Wig will be done by me, makeup by Isabella. You’ll be completely waxed from the nose down. Doesn’t sound too bad eh? But it’ll get worse. You won’t be able to get out of this dress until her time is done. You won’t get a chance to see her until then.” Said Ashley. “If only you fucked Isabella as your were told, your wife could have been out now. Now what to do with your professional life? I see the both of you have accrue some time off. 3 weeks to be exact. I’ll submit a request saying that you’re going on your honeymoon to travel around Europe. Isabella will send on to Ms. Slut’s boss as well. This is going to be fun!” Ashley was excited.

Ashley and Isabella started the transformation to Thuy. What stopped Ashley dead in her tracks is the amount of body hair on Thuy. “Looks like we will need a professional waxer. I will find someone.” said Ashley. Ashley found someone that can travel to peoples home and booked her. As they were waiting, Isabella has a task for Thuy. “Hey Sissy, while we’re waiting, clean up the master bed room.” Thuy tried to walk off but got stopped by Isabella. “We haven’t put your cage on yet. Come here and let me lock it on.” Isabella pulled out a cage but it wasn’t the same cage as yesterday. “Now this new cage is a tad smaller and they have spikes!” Isabella, noticed that Thuy was getting hard. “Hahaha. Are you enjoying this.” Isabella, slaps his cock but continues to get harder.

You’re really enjoying this! My my sissy. If we got married, This would be your life. Not that is isn’t now but you would had the freedom to play or not. Tsk tsk, you had to marry my vanilla best friend now turned slave. I can’t wait for your cock to soften. I’ll just put the old one on for now.” Isabella put his old cage on until after the waxing.

The door bell rang. Ashley opened the door to find that the waxer is here. She brought in all her gears. “Where should I place my stuff?” said the waxer. “I would prefer upstairs if that is alright with you. The bench looks pretty heavy.” said Ashley. “Not really, it’s about 10 pounds. Where upstairs?” as the waxer was looking around. Ashley replied, “I have to warn you though, the rooms upstairs are a bit kinky.” “That’s perfectly fine. I’m into the kinky stuff anyways.” said the waxer. “Perfect, I’ll take you up to room #2. FYI, you can use anything in there if you want. The client you’re working on is misbehaving a bit so be creative.” as Ashley walked the women up and to the room. “Ooooo. Is this a sex dungeon?” The waxer was curious. “Yes it is. All 3 rooms up her are dungeon, Would you like to see?” said Ashley “I would love to! I always had a thing for being a switch.’ replied the waxer. “So you seen room #2, room #3 is pretty plain. Just a bed with restraints, a standing confinement cage, and a decorative chair. Pretty much any foreplay or sex goes on in here.” Ashley continue to toward and walked her guest to room #1. “Ok before we go into room #1. I have to warn you there is a session going on. This is our isolation room. It really gets to the person because of how isolated the room is. Sound deading, lighting, restraints, and so forth. Just so warn you so you’re not shocked.” The waxer said she is fine and won’t be freaked out. “Alright, I’ll walk in first so she isn’t starled.” said Ashley. As she walked into the room, Bethannie looked up and didn’t talk back. Bethannie saw another figure walk into the room and was shocked. She tried to turn her face away from the door hoping she wouldn’t notice me. Instead they walked in and gave her the grand tour. “Bethannie?” said the waxer. “Barbara, is that really you?” Ashley spoke, “You know her?” The waxer replied, “Yes, she’s a regular of mine. She has me wax her the day before her wedding. Wow! I never see her body like this during our waxing session. She is pretty damn fine looking.” The Waxer, walked around, touching and groping every part of Bethannie body. Bethannie squimed and yelp a bit. She tried to plea with her waxer for help. “So what kind of session did she sign up for?” asked the waxer. “A day of isolation, torture, and no access to her sex, which has been going on for weeks. You can see the whip marks on her ass. You probably felt how bumpy it is but it will return back to normal after a few days. Would you like to whip her?” said Ashley. “Weeks? Is that alright if I gave her a whipping or two? Sure!” said the waxer. “Yes weeks. She is a regular of mine as well. She hasn’t had sex since then. Her husband understands.” Ashley went to the other room to grab a whip to hand to the waxer. “So how do I do this?” said the waxer. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t get your name.” Said Ashley. “It’s Linda” said the waxer. “Nice to meet you Linda, I’m Ashley. I’m going to shut the door and turn up the light a bit.” said Ashley. “Now Ms Slut, be good to Mistress Linda and maybe she will be nice to you.” Linda giggled “Mistress Linda? I like the sound of that.” said Linda. “So, it’s in the wrist. All you have to do is swing your arm and snap your wrist like this.” Ashley demonstrated on Bethannie’s right ass cheek. “You think you got it Mistress Linda?” as Ashley handed Linda the whip. “I think so Mistress Ashley. Let me know if I’m doing this correct?” Linda repeated what Ashley did. “That’s great Mistress Linda! But try to aim in the middle. The tissues there will heal up nicely and won’t leave a scar.” as Ashley advise her. Mistress Linda took a few more swings at Bethannie on each of her cheeks. Bethannie was jumping all over the place, screaming and crying. “I think she had enough for today, don’t you agree Mistress Linda?” said Ashley. “Yes, Mistress Ashley. Let’s let her rest.” Both ladies exit the room to focus back on their main client.

Thuy was lead upstairs to Room #2 where Linda and Ashley waited. “Linda, meet the husban, well Sissy. Sissy! Now get on the table and let Mistress Linda do her work.” Linda inspected Thuy, top to bottom, noticing the cage on his cock. “May I examining this cage.” said Linda. “Go ahead.” said Ashley. Linda went under the table and grasped his locked cock, squeezing it and fondling it in her hands. “Wow, never knew something like this existed. I have a lot to learn” said Linda. “If you want, I can teach you.” said Ashley. “I would love that Mistress Ashley.” said Linda. “Please, call me Ashley. We are equals. The only time someone calls you Mistress or Goddess is your subordinate.” “Noted, I’ll get to work. May, I use whatever that’s in this room?” said Linda. “For you Linda, be my guest. You can do whatever you want to your client. Oh and could you shape his eyebrow to be more girly. Just add it to the tab. And I’ll remove the cage so you can wax his balls and cock properly” said Ashley. Linda face lit up. She restainted Thuy to her table and started waxing everything nose down, and shaped his eyebrow. She couldn’t help but notices that Thuy’ cock was rock hard. “You must be enjoying this a lot, Sissy.” Linda stroke his hard cock a bit then went back to waxing. Thuy moaned when Linda stroked his cock. A bit of precum leaked. Linda noticed and went up to clean it with her lushy mouth. Linda gave his head a quick tease with her tongue. Thuy was begging for more. “That’s enough now Sissy. I’m not going to make you cum.” When it came time to flip Thuy on his stomach, she called Ashley and Isabella for help. “Could you order him to flip?” asked Linda. “You can tell him hun. He is suppose to follow all superior female’s order. Just do it in a stern voice like you have power. If he doesn’t follow your orders, we will or you can punish him.” said Isabella. Linda undid all the restraints. “Flip over SISSY!” commanded Linda. Thuy flipped over and assume the position. Linda started to restrain him again, and spread the leg board a bit wider to access his ass crack. Thuy screams in agony when Linda waxed his ass crack. After all is done, Linda noticed the whip hanging on the wall. “Mistress did say do anything.” said Linda. Linda walked over to the wall, grabbed another restraint belt and the whip. Thuy saw one end of the whip on the ground. He tried to lift it up but it was quickly secured to the table. “Just brushing up on my whipping skills that I did on Bethannie earlier today. Swing and snap, Swing and snap.” Linda went to the left of Thuy, position herself and swing and snap. Thuy yelling in pain. “A few more times Sissy!” said Linda. Thuy couldn’t comfort himself as Linda continues whipping each ass cheek. “There! That’s wasn’t so bad. You didn’t even flinch. Oh wait, you couldn’t.” as Linda giggle. “Excellent work there Linda. In no time, you’ll be a Mistress!” said Ashley. “Here is the invoice.” as Linda handed it to her and started to unrestraint Thuy. “Zero?” questioned Ashley. “Yes Zero, Ashley. Thank you for the experience. I really had fun with the Mr. and Ms. today. Now that I know that my regular is a slut or slave, I can really have my way with her the next time she comes by.” said Linda. “Well, now you know that she is a slave, you can leverage that. If she doesn’t come to her regular appointments, you can spread what you saw with others. But I can’t accept this Zero dollar bill. Here, take this, and keep in touch. If you want, you’re welcome to come back here anytime! Just let us know and we can make a key for you and explain some house rules.” as Ashley handed her $300. “Oh my, you’re too generous Ashley. Here’s my number.” The two girls chatted for a while. Linda soon left to reach another appointment.

“Linda certain did a great job with you Thuy. You skin is smooth as a baby’s bottom. Now lets get you dressed. Let see, We have Ms. Slut’s panty and bra she wore in the wedding. We’ll have to glue these breast forms on you in the meantime. Go ahead and put these stockings and garter on. I’ll put the cage back on your cock.” Thuy complied. “Lay down sissy.” Ashley placed the breastform on his chest and sat on them for 30 seconds. “Ok, now get back up and put on the bra. Perfect. Now you have the same chest size and cup as Ms. Slut. Nice and round.” Thuy looked down at his chest, now replaced with silicone breast. “Don’t think about ripping them off. Medical adhesive is pretty strong stuff. You would need to have an adhesive remove to these girls off. Now put on these heels. We had to get your size since Ms. Slut’s feet are smaller. Now sit down.” Isabella came in and did Thuy’ makeup. She removed the ballgag and started to apply foundation, blush, tone, etc. “Great, the same makeup as Ms. Slut on your wedding day.” Ashley came back with the wig and placed on Thuy’s head. Same color and style as Bethannie on her wedding day. “Now stand up and pose for us and do a little dance.” Thuy felt humiliated but complied. He didn’t want anything else happen to his wife. After the little modeling session was recorded, Isabella brought out the wedding dress. “It maybe a bit tight but I think you’ll fit. You do have the same figure in certain places.” Isabella and Ashley helped Thuy into the wedding dress. It’s a ball gown wedding dress. Very fluffy and full of volume. Isabella had to get a new Tiara since Bethannie was still wearing hers and attached the existing vail. Isabella pined the setup into Thuy’s wig. “There! How does it feel Sissy?” said Ashley. “It feels humiliating Mistress. Please let me trade places with Bethannie.” pleaded Thuy. “Tsk Tsk, her name is Ms. Slut and no, you can’t trade places. Now repeat after me. Ms. Slut.” said Ashley. “No!” said Thuy. “Oh, you’re going to play this game, ok. How about we make her stay in isolation for 3 weeks instead of 2.5 weeks. Or how about a month? I’m giving you 5 seconds to choose. 3 weeks, 1 month or Ms. Slut and nothing changes. 1…2…3…” as she counts down. “Ok, Ok, Ms. Slut!” said Thuy. “Good sissy. But since you defy my instruction, Ms. Slut will stay for a full 3 weeks, but we won’t tell her.” said Ashley.

“Alright, lets walk down the isle. Isabella is all ready to go.” Ashley led Thuy down the stair into the dinning room. There is Isabella, in her wedding dress. “Wait here.” said Ashley. She went into her room. It was 10 mins later and she came out with her wedding dress. “What’s going on?” said Thuy. “We’re gonna have a bridal party” Said Ashley. “We’ll pose and have fun.” said Isabella. Ashley put some music on, brought out the alcohol and started to party. “Ding Dong” came from the door. Isabella went to answer it. “It’s Linda and Viktoria! Come on in! The party is getting started!” yell Isabella. “Where’s the sissy?” said Viktoria. “He’s right there, don’t you recongize her?” said Isabella “OMG, I have to get a picture. He almost looks like Bethannie!” said Viktoria. The night went on, the party continues, then it slowed moved upstairs. Thuy was loosening up by this time after all the drinks that was forced on him.

“Everyone into Room 3!” said Ashley. Ashley and Isabella dragged Thuy onto the bed, doggie style and started to restrain this wrist and ankles. Ashley strapped a double sided dildo gag into Thuy’s mouth. “Now take it like a true sissy and deep throat this.” said Ashley. “Isn’t this Bethannie’s dress?” said Viktoria. “Yes it is, it looks great on Thuy, right?” said Ashley. Isabella lifted the train of the dress so it’s out of the wait. Not like that matters since it’s been stepped on multiple time. “Awww. Sissy looks good in lingerie.” said Linda. “They’re Bethannie’s as well.” said Isabella. Linda reached in and grab his locked package. “Ewww. precum. Haha.” as Linda laughed out loud. “Go ahead and slide his panties down. Now you can either fuck him with a strap on or shove a dildo, or get fucked by his face. No need to take turns. Two ways of having fun. Ride him like a horse if you want. She won’t be going anywhere.” said Ashley. The ladies stripped, got fucked by Thuy or fucked Thuy. They had a blast. Thuy couldn’t take it anymore and came inside the dress. A pool of cum just dripping down. “Awe, you’re ruining Ms. Slut’s dress, hun.” said Isabella. The ladies had their fun with Thuy. Every one of them came on the dress, or on his face or both. “It’s late ladies. If you want to stay, there is a guest room down stairs. You may need to share a bed or figure out whose sleeping where.” said Ashley. “We’ll sleep together.” said Linda and Viktoria. Both went downstairs and passed out. Isabella was out as well. Meanwhile Thuy was still in a doggie position, mainly because his body was also attached to one of the eyehooks in the ceiling. “Aww, poor girl. I bet you are tired. I’ll take the gag out and you can rest. Good night pony girl.” Thuy recks of cum. Bethannie’s favorite dress ruined.

Day 5

Thuy still in a doggie position woke up to the bright sunlight. Major hangover. Ashley came up to let Thuy out. “That’s wasn’t so bad huh Thuy?” said Ashley. Thuy didn’t have any words. “We made breakfast. Come down to eat when you can. Remember, dress stays on.” Ashley left. Thuy walked down the stairs slowly, passing by Isabella. “I’m just heading up to feed Ms. Slut. She’s becoming a bit more compliant now that Ashley came up with a track that loops and loops and loops.” Thuy made it to the kitchen and grabbed a seat. “What are you doing? You don’t sit at the table. You’re meal is on the floor.” Said Ashley. Thuy looked at it and cried. “What now hun? If you’re not going to eat, that’s fine.” said Ashley. Thuy got on the floor, and started to eat. “Good girl. Once you’re done, please do the house chores.” said Ashley.

Up in Room #1, Isabella, cleaned and tend to Bethannie’s needs. She kept her feed and full of strength. Isabella removed Bethannie’s gag and had a heart to heart talk. “Hey girl, look, I know you weren’t expecting this, all this, but there are times that I feel really jealous of you and Thuy. You two always have fun. There were days that I hope Thuy would noticed me, but he always talks about you. He’s crazy about you. He made a dick move by extending your time in here. I was against it but here we are. I would feel bad if I still didn’t take care of you. This is just some harmless fun if everyone plays along.” as Isabella sheds a tear. “Harmless” whisper Bethannie. “If you’re my friend, let me down.” Isabella replied “I’ll have to talk with Ashley but I’ll see if I can lessen the torture a bit. Be right back.” Isabella left the room to speak with Ashley.

Isabella spoke with Ashley about letting Bethannie down and Ashley agrees “…but under one condition. She will have to wear this straitjacket.” As Ashley pulls out a straitjacket from the closet. Isabella took the jacket back to room #1. “Ashley agrees but under one condition. You have to wear this straitjacket. I figure it would be better than hanging around for 3 weeks.” said Isabella. “3 weeks?!” said Bethannie. “Yea, when your hubby called you by your name instead of Ms. Slut, Ashley made it a full 3 weeks.” replied Isabella. “I’m going to kill my hubby when I get out of here.” Said Bethannie. Isabella lowered Bethannie to the ground, massage her muscles and her toes. Bethannie’s limps were so limpy that it made it easy to slide the straitjacket on. She left the nipple clamps on. “There comfy?” said Isabella. Bethannie nodded yes. Isabella continues to tighten the arm sleeve until Baraba couldn’t loosen it up. “There! Now I’ll need to do you’re crotch strap and we’ll be set. Can you stand?” Baraba tried to stand but couldn’t. Isabella helped her up until she was able to stand without much help. “It’s be really quick. Hows your clit doing?” Isabella inquired. “May I cum Mistress?” said Bethannie. “What did you say?” questioned Isabella. “May I cum Mistress?” as Bethannie repeats. “Awww, now you’re getting the hang of it. But the answer is no. Save that for you hubby. Now that your restrictive clit is now more restrictive. Now, I have to put this ball gag back in.” said Isabella. Bethannie opened wide waiting to receive the gag. Isabella secured the gag with a pad lock. “See you later.” as Isabella exits the room. Bethannie tested out her new restraints, unable to get free or to get up easily. The nipple clamps made it worse since it’s now pressing on her sensitive nipple. She’s going to be stuck like this for 3 weeks.

Day before the release date

Bethannie has become more compliant and more submissive in nature. Isabella has taken great care of her friend. Thuy has reside to the fact that he will never become a man in this household. Bethannie dress ruined beyond repair, fill with cum and dirt. Ashley and Isabella came up to Thuy “Since you have been soo good in the 3 weeks, why don’t you release your wife right now.” said Ashley. “What’s the catch Mistress.” as Thuy worries. “No catch. Do as you please with your wife and have a proper wedding night. Sex and all.” said Isabella. Thuy hurriedly ran up the stairs lifting the front of his dress properly. As soon as Thuy unlocks the doors, Ashley handed him the keys to all the padlock. Thuy first removed her ball gag. Bethannie asked “what’s going on?” Thuy replies “They are let you free early and we can have our night together sex and all.” Thuy got all the padlocks off and undid the crotch strap, then her arm strap. The jacket fell off. He unclamped her nipples clams slow and started to rub them slowly so it doesn’t hurt. He didn’t have the keys to her chastity belt and looked at the Mistresses. “Looking for these.” as Ashley twirled the keys in her hands. “You’ll have to get it out of her pussy.” As Ashley sticks it in Isabella’s pussy. Thuy did as he was told and fished it out of Isabella’s pussy. Isabella was in getting close to cum as Thuy sticks his tongue to get the key. Thuy shoved his face into her pussy and Isabella was over the top. She came all over Thuy’s face and out came the keys. He picked it up and unlocked her belt. Her belt fell to the ground. “You’ll need a shaving down there Ms. Slut. I’ll call Linda.” said Ashley. “Now to unlock Thuy’s cage, you’ll have to fish it out of my pussy as well.” said Isabella. Bethannie crawled to Isabella and started to eat her out. “OMG Slut, I didn’t know you were this good! Fuck! Keep on going Slut, oh yes, oh yes, I’m about to cum, keep going, shove your slutty face in my pussy. Yes! Yes! Yes” as Isabella came all over her face as well. Bethannie retrieve the keys crawl back to Thuy, lifted up the wedding dress and unlocked his cock. She slowly remove the cage ring and played with his cock, stroking it a bit then appears out of the dress. “We’ll you two have fun. You have to stay up here tho. I suggest Room 3 since it has a bed” said Ashley. The happy couple went into room 3, full of unexpected energy and started to make out. Bethannie ripping the dress and lingerie off of Thuy. She tried to remove the breastform but they were still fully attached.

Meanwhile, Ashley turn the hidden camera on and watched from the living room tv. “Wow they are going at it!” said Isabella. Bethannie was in heat and haven’t had the release since a week before the wedding. The next thing you know, she was cumming over and over again tightening her grip on Thuy. Thuy was doing all sorts of things to Bethannie, licking her out cleaning the creampie he made, and fucking the heck out of her. Thuy grabbed the wrist restraints from the bed and secure her wrist to each post. “Who’s my kinky little girl?” said Thuy. Bethannie was so turned on, that she screamed into ecstasy. “I’m your kinky little slut!” said Bethannie. Thuy was so turned on that he pulled out and came all over her face. They reserved role and Bethannie secured Thuy down at all 4. Unable to move, Bethannie gave him an amazing blowjob, one that make Thuy so weak, he came into her mouth. Bethannie stopped by the dresser with a roll of duck tape, came up to give Thuy a passion kiss and to drop his load in his mouth. Thuy tries to split it out but she kept his mouth shut. She quickly got enough tape to seal his mouth shut. “Two can play this game hun.” said Bethannie. Thuy was a little shocked but turned on. Bethannie continues to play with Thuy’s cock until it got hard again. She slowly place her clit over it and rode it like there is no tomorrow. Fast and slow, fast and slow, just enough to edge him but not to bring him over. “How do you like this now Hun. I can be twisted as Isabella or Ashley too.” as Bethannie’s gives Thuy an evil grin.

Back downstair, Isabella and Ashley was shocked at the revelation. “Is she for real, or is she playing.” said Isabella. “There is one way to find out, let’s keep watching.” said Ashley.

“Have you swallow your load yet, hun?” said Bethannie. Thuy nodded his head. Bethannie rips the tape off his mouth. “OUCH!” yells Thuy. “What are you doing?” said Thuy. “Having my way hun. Isn’t this what you like?” said Bethannie. Thuy was so turned on. Bethannie got into the 69 position, pussy near Thuy mouth and his cock in Bethannie mouth and starting sucking again. “Now, if you cum first, I’ll punish you with those toys on the dresser. If I cum first, I’ll let you out of these restraints. Okay?” said Bethannie. Thuy tries to make Bethannie cum first but it was getting impossible since she keeps moving away from his tongue. Thuy was trying not to cum, but it was getting harder and harder to hold it in. Bethannie was so good. In a few seconds, Thuy came in her mouth again. Bethannie came and dump the load in his mouth. “Honey! Why didn’t you make me cum first?!” Bethannie was disappointed in Thuy performance. “I have an idea. I’ll be back.” Bethannie left the room and a minute later came back with the straitjacket. “What’s this for?” said Thuy. “Well, we’re equals right? Now you get to suffer the same faith. That I did.” Said Bethannie. She pull out a cloth laced with chloroform and puts it over Thuy’s face. Soon he was out.

A twisted start.



This is a story by one of our students – Thuy

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