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I get a lot of messages from our readers who are curious about our sissification training. So, to give you some insight into our training method, I will walk you through the first day of our Sissy Academy student.

Joining our Sissification Academy

So you made up your mind. You want to get serious about your training and do it under a Mistress’ guidance. You found our Academy, and you like what you see.

Your first step is to enrol in our classes. You read the instructions carefully and proceed to Stripe to subscribe securely. After you receive a Discord invitation, your journey begins!

When you join Discord, you should take your time to look around. Greet your fellow sissies at the #chitchat-and-gossip channel. Familiarize yourself with how everything works.

When the Mistress logs in, she will create your dedicated channel. If you’re okay with an oversight by more than one Mistress, all 4 of our Mistresses will be present.

The actual training

Mistress will reach out to you first. In the beginning, you will be asked to answer several questions, so that we’ll be able to create a tailored training plan for you, based on your experience and kink.

When Mistress is done creating a plan for you, she will share a Trello board with your training plan. You will have 3-4 tasks for each day. Make sure you follow the training, and if something is too much for you, discuss it with your Mistress ASAP. Don’t just neglect it. If you will become inactive and don’t take your training seriously, you risk being expelled.

On the other hand, a dedicated student is always rewarded at our sissification academy. For example, this week, the best student will get a cost-free custom collar mailed from Mistress Lovelene.

Your Mistress will check on your progress usually once a day. Depending on your plan, you will have a longer session planned with your Mistress either once a day, or once a week. We’ll be discussing your progress, your attitude, your mistakes, and your direction.

See you!

8 thoughts on “What does a day at Pretty Sissy Academy look like?

  1. Alezza says:

    I can vouch! This was my experience and I have been loving it <3 (also… I really want that collar!!)

  2. teri vonn says:

    This all sounds scrumptious but how would it work with someone whose privacy and, to some degree time, is very constrained? i have contemplated sissy schools before and am afraid my personal life just wouldn’t allow me to engage fully. Sure wish there was a sissy school IRL where i could attend once-a-week classroom sessions . 💕

    1. admin says:

      This is the plan down the line, although the amount of work required is so crazy that it’s many years from now <3

    2. admin says:

      Privacy can be maintained if you’re careful with your online activity, especially pictures of yourself. Showing your face is not required.

    3. Alexis says:

      I would ❤️ a “pandemic Zoom classroom” type of experience where all the girls had to be on camera in a simple school uniform, like, a plaid skirt and white blouse from French Toast (cheap and wide range of sizes)…

  3. Jay Carman says:

    Time has come for my decision to seriously embrace the feminine in me and begin the process of my makeover !

    How exciting !

    626 479 7721

  4. Alexis says:

    I am very interested in becoming a sissy fem slut cam gurl. I need help getting to this point and feeling okay being a cam gurl while unrecongizable from my typical self. Will this happen if I join?

  5. Brittany Elle says:

    I’ve been a bisexual crossdresser for like ten years, but started getting into the sissy fetish a few years ago. I’m really considering this school to get me more there. I’m already naturally submissive.

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