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You’ve been browsing the internet for days, weeks, or even months, trying to find out how to become a good sissy. Your social media feed shows you hundreds of pictures of gorgeous sissies. Yet, when you try to emulate what you see online (on your own, when no one is watching), the results are… unsatisfactory to say the least.

You look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. It’s difficult to put your finger on it, but something is off. You don’t look like those internet sissies. They are feminine in their own unique way, while you… You look like you’re wearing a costume that doesn’t fit.

Don’t feel discouraged. If you have just started learning how to become a sissy girl, you need to make for what women have decades to learn. And even for them, achieving true, alluring femininity is a difficult art that some never master. However, because you are determined to put a conscious effort into being a dream girl, you have an enormous advantage.

I’ve been training sissies for a few years now. From my experience, the biggest mistake sissies make is starting at the end. You want heavy make-up, high heels, and platinum wigs, but you lack the foundation and the effect is grotesque. Women spend years, since they are teenage girls, gaining skills that let them pull off such looks. It is not unattainable for you, but you need to internalize one important thing: the devil is in the detail.

My approach to sissy training

That’s why I decided to put my experience on paper (or rather a computer screen) and prepare a guide for all sissies struggling out there. I wrote my blog from a perspective of a Mistress. That means that you will learn from a woman who learned these things naturally growing up, but also that it is geared towards Femdom and being pleasing to a Mistress. Keep it in mind.

I will start with a foundation month. The goal here will be for you to be able to leave your town (if you’re closeted), and confidently go out in your sissy attire. You will look classy, natural, and seductive, but not in a cheap way.

Complete guide if you want to become a sissy:

Sissy training will turn you into a pretty doll

8 thoughts on “How to become a sissy? A starting guide.

  1. Kristi Lace says:

    This seems really cool! I have been around awhile and you sound VERY knowledgeable and understanding of the sissy mindset. I would to join your training regime.

    1. Samuel Lucero III says:

      I agree. I’m ready for this life altering decision and never look back.Samuel Lucero III

  2. David says:

    Hi im a 61 year old man dreaming for many years about someone training me to be a sissy Where I live there is no one into anything like that so here iam am on this site to find someone to help me with this

  3. Abigail says:

    I look awful.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I want to become a feminine woman!

  5. Joe Lenehan says:

    Hi my name is Joe and I live in West London and I am 60 years old and looking to explore my submissive sissy side and be trained in how to be an obedient sissy. In my day job I am very masculine as a manager needing to tell staff what needs doing. Privately I want to be a submissive sissy and I am very willing to spend the time learning everything I need to know about all the aspects of being a sissy, so a long rd ahead. All advice and training welcome Joe

    1. Lucy says:

      Just want to reassure people: it does get easier. At first my eyeliner was super thick and uneven and my foundation was TERRIBLE, but with practice, patience and compromise things got easier.

  6. Samuel Lucero III says:

    I need this so I will finally know my place.

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