I am creating this article for everyone who joins or is considering joining the Academy. This is a set of basic rules that apply to everyone and will make you quickly well-integrated with our Community.

Before you join

  • Before you subscribe, you can join our Discord as a candidate. You will have only two channels available. If you have any questions, chat either with an available Mistress or a helpful student. Don’t be shy to do so!
  • Do your research. Read our About page. Read a few articles on our blog. Follow the Mistresses from the Academy on their social media. Visit our subreddit and fetlife group. 

After you enroll

  • Start thinking about a girl name you’d like to go by if you haven’t decided yet!
  • After subscribing, ask Mistress Femme Fatale (mistress6312) on Discord for a student role, and provide her with the email address you used. 
  • Mistress will assign you a student role as soon as possible so you have access to all channels. Take your time to familiarize yourself with what’s going on in every one of them. Take a sneak peek at the history of previous sessions. This will give you an idea about which activities you might enjoy and what is not necessarily for you (for example: our humiliation session might be too much for some!).
  • Greet your new colleagues in #general! 
  • A Mistress will create your private channel. You should use it for all your communication with Mistresses. Our PMs are often filled with all kinds of messages and requests, but this way we’ll never miss anything from you.
  • A Mistress will send you a questionnaire. Be very thorough and honest. Your training will be based on it. If you don’t answer all the questions truthfully, we won’t be able to do a good job when assigning you tasks.

When you’re a student

  • Academy should not be another chore or obligation. We want it to be your safe space to be whoever you want and a place you’re impatient to visit every day. Still, we do require effort and dedication from our students. 
  • You should be on top of everything that’s happening in our Discord, especially in #general (where we announce all the important things) and your private channel.
  • You should be able to check in with the Mistresses at least once a day. When you’re getting busy, you should notify us beforehand. We get that life sometimes gets in the way of things, but it’s not a reason to go missing out of nowhere.
  • We value the community side of things. Your training with the Mistresses is not everything. Take time to get to know your colleagues, participate in discussions, and help others when you can!
  • Every student has a Trello board with their training. It consists of basic training and customized tasks based on your kinks. Do your very best to make daily progress. If something is too difficult speak up immediately. If you feel that something is not quite a right fit, speak up immediately. If due to work or life obligations you will be late for your tasks, speak up immediately. 
  • Apart from filling in your Trello board, you should send a Mistress a summary of what you did every day in your private channel
  • You can check when the Mistresses will be online by checking the server events. They’re showing the schedule in your local time, so you don’t have to worry about time zones. Of course, this is not the only time when we’re online, but this is when we devote 100% of our attention to the academy and we expect you to do your best to be online during this time.
  • When you sign up for events like humiliation sessions, movie nights, challenges, etc., do your best not to cancel last minute. 
  • Every girl should aim to get a Good Girl role. The requirements are the following:
    • At least a month at the Academy
    • Consistent effort and progress in the training (this is assessed individually).
    • Being helpful and respectful towards everyone
    • Daily activity


If you follow these rules, I am more than sure you’ll succeed and make us proud.