Best H-cup fake boob!

Fake boob by roanyer  are crafted using top-quality silicone material, providing an incredibly realistic appearance that closely resembles real skin. They are highly stretchable and made to mimic the feel of authentic breasts.

The standout feature of these breast forms is their remarkable realism, with a barely noticeable seam and a natural-looking appearance. Specifically designed to enhance your size, the H cup forms are significantly larger than average breasts, ensuring an impressive and eye-catching look. They can be worn effortlessly like a vest and do not require the use of adhesives, making them convenient and quick to wear.

While these fake boobs are suitable for any crossdressers and sissies looking to create a realistic cleavage with minimal effort, they are particularly well-suited for plus-size individuals. The proportions of these forms play a crucial role in maintaining authenticity, though they can still provide convincing results for most individuals. Furthermore, they are an excellent choice for those seeking to exaggerate their look and make a bold statement. Anyone who sees you wearing these forms will be astounded by their sheer size.

They’re great in combination with our more explicit and sexual outfit sets, for example:

Sissy Barbie Bimbo Kit

Before ordering, make sure you have read our guide on choosing the right fake boob.

Choosing your first breast prosthetics

These breast forms are also ideal for people who enjoy cosplaying or attending costume parties. Enhance the authenticity of your character by incorporating our fake boob into your costume, whether it’s a superhero, fantasy, or historical role.

Remember, these breast forms are designed to provide a realistic appearance, making them versatile for any outfit or style you choose. Embrace your creativity, experiment with different looks, and enjoy the confidence and allure that comes with wearing them.

Our Mistresses are glad to help, if you can’t choose on your own – don’t hesitate to reach out.