This Sissy G Cup Bodysuit with Arms is perfect for any cross-dressers that want a quick full-body transformation. It has details in its composition that creates a realistic effect and highlights your silhouette. The entire suit is made of special type of silicone that can adapt to different body types since it stretches a lot. Its texture, combined with the way it reflects light, creates a perfect illusion, resembling real skin. As for the breast forms, they can be filled with either silicone gel or elastic cotton. The neckpiece has sculpted collar bones that looks extra realistic and helps you hide your adam’s apple. Also, the arms have extended coverage so you can make your limbs look smooth without shaving. The bottom area includes a sculpted vagina that makes you feel even more feminine. You can customize the suit further by adding pubic hair or removing mold lines. It comes in 4 colors to better match your skin tone. This Sissy G Cup Bodysuit with Arms is suitable if you want to hide your masculine features, and it can also conceal shapewear. It matches our other products such as silicone masks, underwear, hosiery, fishnets, garter belts, and bodystockings.