Transform your upper body into that of a busty and sexy woman with Roanyer’s Sissy G Cup Silicone Breast Forms. Crafted to be lifelike and easy to wear, the breast forms feature a long neck part, a sexy collarbone, soft breasts and come in four different skin tones. The neck part of this product can be trimmed in order to fit your desired length. Made from medical grade silicone, they are very elastic offering a comfortable fit for almost all body types. The standard filling of the breast is elastic cotton filler, with an additional fee for silicone gel filler which moves more realistically. Optional mold lines removal is available for a more seamless look. Before wearing, clean with water and soap and apply baby powder for reduced friction. Finish the look with a Roanyer mask, gloves, wig, clothes and accessories and become the sexy female you always wanted to be!