Transform your masculine appearance with the Sissy Jane Realistic Silicone Mask from Roanyer! This professional grade mask is made from medical grade silicone, and comes with pre-applied eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip color, punched eyebrows, an automatically corrected nose with adjustable enhancer, and two colors to choose from. It is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear due to its high stretchability and elasticity, and features seams that can be removed with our mold line removal option for a seamless look. The mask is also tight to the skin, making it possible to talk, drink, and eat while wearing it. Before wearing it, handwash and apply talcum powder to keep it dry and reduce friction. Put both your hands inside the mask and stretch it over your head and adjust and press the nose bridge for correcting the nose. Finish your look with your own make-up and accessories like lingerie, stockings, and a wig! Combine with our other products like breast forms, fake vagina pants, and sexy bodysuits to fully transform yourself. Look like an absolutely stunning woman with the Sissy Jane Realistic Silicone Mask!