Get your outfit handpicked by Mistress Selene! I will ask for your measurements and choose a set that will transform you into an old Hollywood star. I will evaluate your figure and get you what you need to have the feminine, hourglass shape.


  • Satin shirt
  • Pencil Skirt
  • Lacy necklace
  • Nail polish
  • Bobby pins
  • Stocking & Suspenders
  • Clip on earrings
  • Corset
  • Hand-written note from a Mistress
  • (optional) Breast prosthetics
  • (optional) Shapewear bodysuit

How does it work?

  • Day 1 – Mistress takes your measurements
  • Day 2-5 – Mistress shops for a complete, custom outfit matching your looks and personality
  • Day 3-6 – Mistress ships your outfit in an elegant and discreet packaging with a handwritten note <3

If you’re a student, you’re eligible for up to a $100 discount. Ask in your private channel on discord!