Boost your femininity instantly and have all your female wardrobe fit and look better with Roanyer’s Sissy Small Silicone Hip Pads. These hip enhancing pads are made of strong and durable material so they last for years. With its pliable and flexible material, these silicone hip pads will seamlessly mold to your figure and upgrade the contours of your desired feminine look. Available in two colors to match lighter and darker skin tones, and with a set of left and right sided pad with fabric melded inner part for increased strength and comfort, these hip pads are an excellent choice for any crossdresser or cosplayer wanting to achieve a curvier, more feminine silhouette. Wear these silicone pads with tight dresses, pencil skirts, jeans, yoga pants or leggings and match them with a pair of tights for a stunning and enhanced look.