Discover our Sissy Small Super Strong Hip Pants! These hip-enhancing pants provide cross-dressers with an innovative way to feminize their lower body. We use high-quality, medical-grade silicone to create a realistic, close-fitted look with seamless integration with the rest of your body. The honeycomb interior structure helps give you the desired thickness, is lighter in weight than solid silicone, and allows for greater airflow to keep you comfortable for extended wear. Plus, it includes a realistic belly button and a replica of feminine genitals for a convincing transformation. Not to mention, it’s penetrable and includes a urination pouch, giving you multiple practical options for wearing it. Available in 4 different colors, these Sissy Small Super Strong Hip Pants are perfect for those who don’t want a full bodysuit and want to create a very feminine silhouette. Shop now to match with our breastplates, masks, lingerie, and pantyhose to complete your look.