Take your cross-dressing game to the next level with our Sissy Small Super Strong Hip Pants. This product is designed to give you close-fitted feminine curves, and it can replace your masculine genitals with something more feminine. Its smaller version better represents feminine curves while being lighter in weight than those made of solid silicone, creating a seamless transformation. Our medical-grade silicone is stretchable and durable, so it’s suited for many different body types. It is also soft and texturized to resemble natural skin, blending seamlessly with the rest of your body for a natural look. The interior honeycomb structure creates the required volume and natural movement while allowing airflow for breathability. It also includes a realistic belly button and a replica of feminine genitals. Add pubic hair, a urination pouch, and make the vagina penetrable for personalization. These pants come in 4 colors for you to choose from – perfect for cross-dressers who desire a very feminine lower body. Match them with our other roanyer products to feminize your whole body, and don’t forget lingerie and pantyhose to highlight your improved silhouette.