We’ve been teaching online only so far. However, during the past months, the Academy has received hundreds of requests for real-life training! To meet your needs, girl, we have decided to organize a 3-day workshop that will take place in Germany in June.

3-Day Long Feminization Workshop Event

During this event, you will have the opportunity to undergo a complete transformation that will include silhouette, hair, makeup, and manners.  Our workshop is designed for individuals of all gender identities and levels of femininity, so come as you are and leave feeling empowered and confident in your feminine energy ❤️

It will be a completely safe and private event, with no phone policy.

Online Workshop

For ladies who can’t make it to Germany, we’ll be organizing an online equivalent of the event.

What will be happening?

You will meet with a makeup artist, a stylist, and a life coach who will talk to you about the challenges that come with this lifestyle.

We’ll meet in a spacious, high-end apartment, filled with makeup, wigs, outfits, and shoes of all styles and sizes. The event will end with a night out as unrecognizable girls (for those of you brave enough)! There will be a photographer and every girl will have time for an individual photo session.

We’ll provide snacks and drinks throughout the entire duration of the event.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  1. Choosing the right size breast forms and booty to fit your frame.
  2. Taking new measurements.
  3. Finding your shoe size.
  4. Skincare and Makeup
  5. Wigs
  6. Voice training
  7. Walking, Sitting, Gesturing
  8. Posing for photos
  9. Walking in high heels
  10. Living true to yourself happily

How to sign up?

The number of tickets is limited.

Interested? The best way to contact us is on Discord:

https://discord.gg/FUbRumMDhB (ask for a Mistress in #candidates channel)

or messaging Mistress Femme Fatal3 directly on FetLife (username femmeFatal3).