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Today, I want you to get yourself a cup of good coffee and enjoy an interview with a fellow sissy, a student at our sissy school, and a fantastic girl – Alezza!

Hello! Let’s start with some basic information. Your age? Gender identity? Sexual orientation? Belief system?

26 years old. Transgender. Pansexual. Agnostic.

How old were you when you discovered this part of your identity?

I started when I was probably 13 or 14 years with some “tg comics” and “gender bender” captions that caught my attention for some reason. Later on, it took probably 2 more years until I went to something outside of the internet and actually knew what I’m doing like 4 years ago.

Are you a closeted sissy? Were you outed or threatened to be outed?

I’m closeted in the way that no one knows about it, but since I live alone, I can live the lifestyle more freely during my day.
I’ve been threatened to be outed once after someone scammed me but just stopping talking to them did the job and I was never exposed. Apart from that I’ve shared my set of pictures and have never been outed except for my own pictures on dating profiles 😛

Is there a rift between your daily life and your sissy persona?

It used to be a rift, where I finished playing and I got disgusted by myself and put everything away like nothing ever happened until I was horny the next day. Now since I’m being dominated more in a lifestyle way, it’s present most of the time. I’m way more dominant in my normal life, I lead a team and take decisions, so my sissy persona is totally different in that aspect.

What is your best experience as a sissy? What is it that makes it worth the effort?

I can’t think of one that puts it above the others, for now, each one has been different and I always learn a new part of myself plus getting a great time so it’s hard to decide. Definitely, for me whenever I get praised makes the experience better, although being a sub, and still being taken care of feels nice, also knowing that a little disrespect and you could get punished…

For me… it connects me more to who I am, and who I want to be. The freedom of all “normal” life and letting go of all masculinity to please others pleases me and gives me energy. I think that it helps me free myself also from some repressed sexual desires.

What is your end goal with sissification?

I want to feel like a princess and catch everyone’s eye when they look, but also a dirty slut in bed pleasing everyone that wants me… I want to explore my sexuality in a feminine way, but also having some guidance/dominance helps a lot.

In the long term, sissification motivates me to continue in my trans journey and it helps me get closer to my own sexuality and my inner feminine side. It’s a way to feel girlier and being treated like a girl makes me happy when I’m usually treated like a serious manly man.

How did our sissy school help you on your journey?

I’m still new :3 but I think having a daily task really motivates me and keeps me looking forward to what will come next. Also, I think you are building a community of sissies and we can start sharing more with each other so that’s nice since it’s hard to find communities that aren’t scams or really weird places…

I think having Mistresses check on you, helps me keep accountable for the tasks that I need to do and that I have someone who is expecting me to complete them.

Do you believe you can fully enjoy being a sissy without being owned?

Yes, I spent lots of years without being owned and I enjoy my sissy fantasies or even talking with other sissies or strangers in chat that you won’t see again 😛

But! I have grown so much while being owned, the thrill gets so much better, and the feeling of having someone own you and take control of certain aspects of your life making you more of a sissy is exciting… Since you are not “alone” even when it’s online, as long as you are a loyal sub, you know there is someone waiting for you to be a sissy slut and you keep thinking on it until you do your task or session… It takes the kink to another level and its an amazing step up.

Do you want to share your journey as well? Contact Mistress Lovelene – one of the teachers at our sissy school.

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