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It might seem like an arrogant statement, but I believe that I know sissies well. I have worked with quite a number of them so far, and while each story is always unique, I noticed specific patterns emerging. One thing, in particular, stands out: having a double life — one, of a regular man, and one of a fully feminized sissy.

I will not say anything surprising if I tell you that 95% of my students can’t share their love for feminization with the world around them. We all know that. But, oftentimes, it’s not that not everyone can be open with their sissy side. Not everyone wants to. Even if their relatives would not bat an eye, even if there were no consequences for their careers.

There is something that draws people to have a double life. Many sissies I worked with are complete and multi-faceted people. They have fully-rounded and full lives. While (even if they don’t want to admit it), their sissy persona is an integral part of their lives, they don’t want it to affect their daily life. They want to divide their two sides with a thick line.

Being a sissy is a cleansing experience for them. It’s a release into their more basic needs and a refuge from their life, so they don’t become overwhelmed by it. Every once in a while, they way to become a completely feminized sissy and give in to their kinks. Then- come back to their other selves.

Naturally, it’s not for everyone. I don’t want to make it seem like it’s a good thing that almost everyone has to hide their inner sissy. I know that many of you feel that having to hide so much of yourself is dragging you down. Many of you want to be able to express your femininity freely in your daily life. It’s not fair that you can’t. Still, I’d say that you’re the minority compared to those who want to have two separate lives. A male, and a feminized sissy. It doesn’t surprise me. Integrating things that society views as opposing into one person is much more difficult.

Here, at the pretty sissy academy, I want to have something to offer to every sissy. I want to include those, who are not open to the world. Those, who can only be feminized and give in to their sissy persona away from their daily lives. If you are like this, and you’re reading this article, here’s what I will teach you if you’ll keep reading this blog:

  • I tell you everything about your online and offline security. You will greatly decrease the odds of getting outed against your will.
  • I will tell you what to say to don’t raise any suspicions during your outings.
  • I will tell you how to transform yourself into a beautiful woman within a few hours
  • I will teach you how to behave naturally behave like a seductive woman
  • I will teach you how to go back to your usual self without leaving any traces behind

In other words… I want you to be able to take a day off, transform yourself completely and go out – as a girl. I want you to be able to do every naughty thing you dream of doing and go back to your life without ruining it.

How do you, dear reader, like the idea? If it does, start following me and reading my articles. I will share tips with you every week. Time to bookmark my page!


2 thoughts on “A feminized sissy: your new second life

  1. Amanda says:

    Love your approach! Can’t wait to see what you put here!

  2. Paulina says:

    These things are true for me. I can not see myself totally abandoning my male half. I would say I am a true Gemini. I also don’t want to suppress my feminine nature that is truly a part of my personality and seems lately to be screaming at me to quit hiding her.

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