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Imagine you had an opportunity to go away for a holiday for a week or two to live as a woman 24/7. Like in our “The Sissy’s Choice” story. Everything would be organized for you: a girly, classy apartment, everyday outfits, beauty treatments, bubbly baths, a makeup artist, and a night out with girlfriends. You’d go somewhere nobody knows you and finally be yourself. Well, you’re lucky. At the Academy, we make this dream a reality. 


In Europe, we organize the holidays in Prague and Berlin. We’re working on making this available in the USA as well. 

How Long?

The holidays can be 2 to 14 days long. 

What’s included? 

Everything (apartment, makeup, outfits, nights out, food) apart from transportation. 

What’s the cost?

$500 per day

What will we do? 

Every girl will receive a personalized plan 2-3 days after booking. If you have any doubts or requests, it can be adjusted. Generally, you can expect to spend plenty of time dressing up, practicing makeup, and experimenting with your femininity, if you’re brave, we can visit a local kink club or just go for drinks! You will be staying in a high-end, girly apartment with plenty of makeup, wigs, outfits, heels, and cosmetics for your disposal.

How to book? 

Due to the high demand, spots are limited. You should book the holidays at least 60 days prior, especially if you want to come during the weekend. 

To book the holidays, join our discord: https://discord.gg/xVhnp47MtR and ask for Mistress Femme Fatale in the candidate’s channel or message her (discord username: femm3fatal3) directly. Alternatively, you can join our Telegram channel and ask there: https://t.me/prettysissyacademy


Booking the holidays comes with a lifelong membership at our Academy!

2 thoughts on “The Sissy Holiday

  1. Maddison OReilly says:

    I would be interested in a holiday like this how can I look at dates and book it?

  2. Tania says:

    Wish I could afford it, plus would need a supply of local studs……

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